Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Huffington on Obama, Plouffe, and Media - One Year Later

When Arianna Huffington says, in her most recent column where she discusses President Obama one year after his election and 2008 Obama campaign manager David Plouffe's new book, "Most of the attention the book has gotten so far has focused on the so-called sexy parts," I am reminded of just how valuable she (and HuffPo) are in a media environment where we are NOT, as we SHOULD be if the Fourth Estate was fulfilling a solemn implied promise to citizens, called upon to be critical thinkers, but instead prodded and assaulted with sexy tidbits from otherwise useful books. Imagine what the greater public is failing to learn for all of Mr. Plouffe's efforts. Commitment to selling ads and editing what passes for news in accordance with sales is obviously the Fourth Estate's main implied promise as things stand. I hope a new model for the news platform at which I expect we'll arrive after the digital revolution has revealed new economic opportunity will bring best practices in journalism back. Leave endless gossip for The National Enquirer!
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