Sunday, October 29, 2006

Al Gore Will Help UK Lead on Global Warming Issues

Former VP Al Gore Speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative Meeting in Manhattan, September 2006
Photo by Jude Nagurney Camwell

The hiring of Al Gore by the U.K.'s Chancellor Gordon Brown is a sign that, in the absence of moral, responsible, and ethical leadership at the national level on environmental issues in the U.S., Great Britain is willing to take over the position as the new international leader on global warming. They're borrowing Mr. Gore - one of America's greatest resources - since George Bush has squandered him just as Bush has squandered the good will and good faith of most of the world's diplomats.

For all his squandering, his name should be President George W. Squander.

Gordon Brown is being pegged by many as Tony Blair's successor as Prime Minister. What Mr. Gore decides to do about 2008 is anyone's guess.


Barbara said...

I saw this in the paper when I was in the U.K. last week. Gore has good buzz there so let's hope he can spread the word. It was very sticky, damp & balmy there while cold here... and the UK is farther north and the North Sea is RIGHT THERE!! If that doesn't say something about global warming I give up!! The U.K. papers talked about the oddly warm-ish weather too.

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