Monday, November 27, 2006

Cindy Sheehan on The Draft

"Why would we force feed this monster that steals our children and bleeds our pocketbooks dry? We should never force our children into the mouth of the behemoth, but we should also do everything in our power to stop them from volunteering for the same duty. Putting more of our bodies under the control of irresponsible maniacs, is just, well, irresponsible!"

- Cindy Sheehan on the topic of military conscription in the age of the Bush Wars

I got a note from Cindy Sheehan on MySpace today with her opinion of the recent chatter about reactivating the draft. Here's an excerpt:

Although, I admire Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY), who himself, served during the Korean conflict and has been serving America , honorably, as a Congressman for many years, I am 100%, categorically opposed to forced conscription and think that Mr. Rangel is seriously misguided on this issue.

First of all, we had forced conscription during the entire outrage that was the Vietnam War. That war lasted 13 years and cost the lives of millions of people. A draft didn’t stop that war and, in fact, provided fresh and continual cannon fodder for the war profiteers. Escalation of that conflict was horrific as the proposed escalation of Iraq will only beget new slaughter on a heretofore unprecedented and unimaginable scale. Forced conscription deals out the death and destruction at a greater and more deadly pace.

Secondly, a draft will never be fair and balanced. The children of the wealthy (who oftentimes are war profiteers themselves) will always be able to get out of war. Children of presidents, future presidents, Congressional Reps and Senators will never be forced to serve in the wars that their fathers and mothers commit other children to. A draft will not equalize what we have for the most part in our country, now, a poverty draft. The children of the poor and marginalized of our society are the ones who always have to pay for the greed of a very few.

Finally, a draft will only give the war machine more of our children to consume to generate its wealth. As Rep. Rangel said, we can’t fight wars in North Korea and Iran without a draft. I say “Amen!” We can’t fight wars in North Korea and Iran without a draft! More bullet sponges for two more needless wars: Please, God, no!


Cardozo said...

Well..I certainly can't doubt Ms. Sheehan's authority to speak on this issue, nor can I blame her for wanting to spare as many as possible from losing a loved one in war.

But I can also see Rangel's point...and I disagree that the rich would inevitably avoid service. It would all depend on whether the draft law had any teeth, wouldn't it?

Ultimately, though, Rangel must know that the bill has no chance. That being said, I think the proposal sparks a necessary debate: why are our leaders so seemingly divorced from the real world and so callous to the casulaties of war?

JollyRoger said...

There are plenty of privileged children long in the ground as a result of World War II. They don't always get exempted.

I have some thoughts on this that I'll flesh out later.