Monday, December 04, 2006

Bush: Worst Ever? Worst Over?

At Raw Story, Ron Brynaert has collected quotes from various news sources debating whether or not, when it comes to Presidents, that Bush 43 is the worst ever.

My question, with some admitted fear behind it, is this: Is Bush's worst over?

Have we yet seen the worst from the worst President ever?

We've see in recent days that he is jettisoning [some call it "accepting the resignations of"] many of those who have remained loyally close in his circle of failure.

Who are the people that are taking the place of the old Bush administration guard?

What does Bush plan to take and to get from these people?

Could things get any worse?


mariamaria said...

these are great questions!!
and now the news comes out that Rummy was questioning whether we could win in Iraq right before he "resigned."
Is there no end to it??

Ron Brynaert said...

"Could things get any worse?"

jeez...sure hope not...