Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Iraq is Over - When Will Leadership Admit It?

Raw Story: Senator Feingold asks, 'How can Congress end a war?' Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) will hold hearings next week to examine “Exercising Congress’s Constitutional Power to End a War,” RAW STORY has learned.

Andrew Sullivan has a good point to make on Iraq, and it's something we can all see but our leaders seem to be in denial about. They dance around the reality that, in order to have the kind of victory Bush talks about, we're going to have it soon, and we are going to have to see the draft activated. Otherwise, it's nothing but magical thinking and fancy to think this kind of "victory" can be achieved. Try tapping into the will of the People on this idea and you'd have an additional 500 thousand in the streets of Washington DC this weekend protesting our occupation of Iraq.

Senator John Edwards on Iraq and Bush's SOTU speech:
"America needs leaders who will do more than propose half-measures and baby steps; President Bush has left us a legacy of challenges that can only be met with courage, conviction and bold change.

And that change must begin in Iraq. President Bush's decision to adopt the McCain Doctrine and escalate the war in Iraq is terribly wrong. There is no military solution to this civil war. Instead of increasing the number of troops in Iraq, we should immediately withdraw 40-50,000 troops. In order for the Iraqi people to take responsibility for their country, we must show them that we are serious about leaving, and the best way to do that is to actually start leaving. Since the President refuses to change course, Congress must use its power of the purse and block funding for an escalation of war. Over 80,000 people from across the country have joined me in calling on Congress to stop President Bush's misguided plan to escalate the war. Congress has the power to stop this escalation - they should use it."


TomCat said...

While I agree with Edwards' position, I can't imagine that Bush will pay any attention to such a move. He would just take the funds for some other aspect of Iraq (equipment for the troops' safety perhaps) and use those funds to escalate. I see np way to end the war short of impeaching Cheney and Bush.

Larry said...

The Democrats are afraid to cut funding because they will be labeled by the right, and cost them control.

In reality, if they don't heed the wishes of the people, thye will lose control anyway.

Barbara said...

SOOOO true...

and Bush is (hopefully) becoming redundant.