Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bill O'Reilly Lies in Rush to Trash Edwards

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw Bill O'Reilly's op-ed in the Boston Herald. Why? Because, in his rush - his last opportunity to get in his faux-scream to trash Senator Edwards for the recent blogger non-scandal, he employed lies when talking about what actualy happened. To offer him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he didn't realize they were lies, but there they are - in black and white. Lies. Amanda Marcotte left the campaign because of frightening and vicious threats from some people I personally believe sound insane with and drunk on their own hatred. Ms. Marcotte would've been with the campaign still today had these threats upon her well-being and disruptions by lunatics not have occurred. If the Edwards campaign fails to correct these lies - magnify these lies - in public, the lies will stand in the mind of the public-at-large as conventional wisdom. This is the way that the strength of a perfectly good campaign is diminished, as we saw in 2004. When Bill O'Reilly has to resort to lying to make any political point, his loudmouthed pontifications about so-called-bigotry fall flat as Tom Friedman's earth.


Larry said...

Isn't it something when people like O'Reilly have never seen any good in anyone they can't profit from?

TomCat said...

Bill O'Lielly may be the secret mullah of his local Al Dubya cell.