Friday, February 09, 2007

Understanding that which is meant to be

Not always easy...

Understanding that which is meant to be

Some of our goals and dreams come to fruition so easily that it is as if an unseen hand has done much of the work for us. When this happens, we say it must have been meant to be. On the other hand, when dreams and goals require a tremendous amount of effort, we may interpret this to mean that our dream is not meant to be. However, difficulty is not necessarily a sign that our hopes and plans are ill-fated. On the contrary, difficulties and challenges along the path can be important parts of the project's overall meaning.

When everything goes smoothly, we feel blessed by the universe, as if a fleet of angels is guiding and supporting our every move. When things are rough or ambiguous, we sometimes feel that we have been abandoned. And yet, the truth is that we are blessed in both cases. Our angels and guides are always present. They may choose at times to back off and let us figure something out for ourselves, and this is when things seem difficult. But when things are difficult, we learn and grow in specific ways. There is a unique satisfaction that comes to us when we succeed at something that has been a challenge. Our sense of self-reliance expands, and our ability to endure and keep the faith is stronger for having been tested. We learn that we are capable of confronting and overcoming the obstacles in our path, and this empowers us to dream still bigger dreams, knowing that we will not be daunted by the challenges inherent in birthing them.

When we find ourselves facing difficulties with a particular plan or project, the chances are we know already whether we are meant to continue on or let it go. We simply need to look within ourselves for the answer. When an idea is meant to be, it comes back to us time and time again. Then we know we can go forward, no matter what challenges arise, knowing that it is meant to be.

Hear the beautiful song "It Was Meant to Be" by Callaghan at MySpace.

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Patty Ann Smith said...

So true, Jude. As so many others, I, too, can attest to that.

By the way, "The Secret":) on Oprah yesterday was very good. It's a wonderful outreach for increasing hope in the world. "If you build it and it has "value", it will come." But, it has to start from "within".
Hopefully, thanks to you and Dave Beckwith, a lot more people were able to see it! (It could've been called a "public service announcement"!:))

Have a great weekend!

Patty Ann

Lydia Cornell said...

Jude, this essay brought tears to my eyes. I have been going through exactly this experience with a big project.

I just had a breakthrough, the clouds parted, but the last 6 months were a spiral downward. Your words are like water to me.

Love your writing, thank you!
I am going to post you as one of my favorite blogs.

Larry said...

Sitting quietly everyday and looking into the theatre of your mind at the dream you are aspiring to achieve will often bring results.

Seeing it happen over and over brings positive results.