Friday, March 16, 2007

Failure on Iraq: Why the Hell Did We Vote Democratic in 2006?

Knowing how badly the American public wants us out of Iraq and knowing, at the same time, that the Democratic majority in the Senate could not even summon the influence to effect the passing of a toothless Resolution to set the the tone for getting our troops out of Iraq by 2008 is proof that our democracy is not working. By all that has brought us to this doorstep of failure on the Iraq situation today, the People obviously play no part in decisions being made by their elected Representatives. It is dismaying, after all we've been through for the last five years, to know that the vote on this Resolution was a totally partisan activity. (I do not depend on Senator Lieberman to vote as a Democrat anymore. He's an alien to the party - oddly clinging to it by an 'Independent' name.) For all their lip service, the Republicans, with their new comrade Joe Lieberman, are still acting as a rubber-stamp on this disaster of a war - obviously for political purposes. Why did we vote for Democrats in 2006? Our men and women are still moving targets in a useless and unjust war that was lost before it was so mistakenly and wantonly begun. Republicans are forgetting the constituents they serve in their race to politically manipulate their 'enemies' - the Democrats - into utilizing their funding clout to force redeployment and stop the insanity of a President who has made a string of so many dreadful errors. This is unacceptable - unforgiveable.

It's a given that I'm disgusted by the Republicans hating Democrats more than they love our troops and our nation.

Moreover, I'm saddened by and furious with our Democratic leadership in Congress.

They do not have the spirit nor do they possess the fortitude of conviction to stop what we all can see as utter insanity. What are they waiting for? Another draft? Another Vietnam?


William Bollinger said...

I didn't. Mostly, I voted Green.

I have been quite vocal in letting dems know I'm disappointed, and recommend that others remind them that the little (d) after their name means less and less every day. Unless they act more like Democrats, I'm more than willing to send support elsewhere.

Barbara said...

Great post.

It is getting ridiculous, isn't it?

Jude Nagurney Camwell said...


I support your choices. There comes a time when evey person who pays close attention - and who has given certain Democrats the benefit of the doubt - must finally decide to give up on 'the mediocre' and vote their conscience and conviction.

I'm still a Democrat - but I seem to be taking a punch to my conscientious gut with each and every passing day. These people had best get their leadership in order - and a comment with you in mind, Barbara - that means being more worried about getting our men and women out of Iraq and less hand-wringing over Dems appearing on Stephen Colbert's comedy half-hour!

GreenSmile said...

See you on the picket lines and vigils Jude? The frustration is almost palpable among us who worked our tails off to GOTV...all to the Dems advantage. Patience is a virtue but not while people are dying