Tuesday, March 27, 2007

John Nichols Really Knows Elizabeth Edwards!

I could tell that Madison Capital Times editor John Nichols has really gotten to know Elizabeth Edwards when I read this:
There is no question that John Edwards has become a stronger candidate as he has listened more to the advice of his wife than the consultants who, in 2004, prodded him to be too cautious and controlled. I am convinced that John Edwards now relies on Elizabeth Edwards as his essential adviser.

That's good for him politically, and, frankly, it's good for progressives who want the Democratic presidential contest to feature a top-tier contender who speaks seriously about the need to advance economic and social justice at home and abroad.

If Elizabeth Edwards wanted John Edwards out of the presidential race, he would be out.
Mr. Nichols already knows what Katie Couric didn't - or had hard time accepting as truth even as it came out of Mrs. Edwards' own lips on 60 Minutes last Sunday. I think that so many of our television journalists are caught up in the horse race that they forget that the candidates and their wives are refreshingly real people who often actually mean what they say in front of the TV camera.


Larry said...

Couric thought it best to go for ratings on her pathetic news show, instead of going from the heart.

Couric wasn't attacked when she continued on nthe Today show while her husband struggled with cancer.

Looks like a big double standard.

Chancelucky said...

Couric's interview was beyond tacky.

It was basically, hey lady you might die. by the way, what if you died anyway....Gee wouldn't it be wrong if you died and your husband was off campaigning.
It was just in appalling taste.

Different sort of thing, but did Couric ever interview W and Laura and ask him repeatedly what if he had a relapse with his drinking while in office? What about your family? They say you never really lose the urge, it's possible that you'll go on a bender in the middle of a war some time or say during Katrina. And oh btw Mrs. Cheney, isn't it true that your husband could drop dead at any minute. I know you say it's fine, but what if it really really happened?

The Edwardses however were extremely gracious. fwiw, I've sometimes thought Elizabeth should have been the candidate rather than the other way around, though I still like John a lot.