Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sens Clinton & Dole Reintroduce 211 Bill

There is no '2-1-1' service available in New York State today. Non-profit community agencies have taken up a good part of the responsibility in providing a service and a telephone number that is crucial to fellow members of our society, but there is no one central number for people to easily remember and to call at a desperate time. Senators Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Dole have reintroduced legislation that would bring "2-1-1" service nationwide. I am in favor of such legislation because I volunteer for a non-profit that now provides such a service, providing individuals and families who need non-emergency assistance with a link to appropriate non-profit and government agencies to find and give help without disrupting emergency phone lines.


Larry said...

Anything to help people in trouble is a positive, no matter which Senators introduce it.

Anonymous said...

Yes I am behind this too.