Monday, June 18, 2007

Abu Ghraib:Father,Son Made To Do Sex-Acts Together

".....a father and his son forced to do acts together..."
On Fathers Day, I read this [Raw Story link] disgusting truth about what we did in the name of America at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

General Antonio Taguba, who was appointed to lead the inquiry into Abu Ghraib abuses in January 2004, has accused senior army commanders of involvement in the torture methods that shocked Americans and the world. He says that was convinced that former defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld lied under oath to a Congressional committee about when and how much he knew of the scandal. The White House knew, although they deny it to our astonished faces.

I honored my father yesterday, and I cried for the day America lost her honor and moral superiority. I bemoaned the existence of men in the highest ranks of our government who covered up the fact that it was happening.

I witnessed the attempt to impeach a sitting President for lying about sex.

I've now witnessed an attempt, at a level within our government yet to be determined but going higher up as we learn more, to cover up lies about military, with the U.S. government's silent approval, forcing fathers and sons to "do" sex-acts (and worse things to others) in a war-prison miles from our sight.

Marcus Aurelius wrote, in The Meditations, that from his grandfather he learned good morals and, from the reputation and remembrance of his own father, modesty and a manly character. From his mother, piety and beneficence and abstinence not from only evil deeds, but even from evil thoughts.

Our government has failed Marcus Aurelius' test of morality. They've failed the test of temperance, of justice, and of rationally decent humanity. Perhaps Mr. Bush's government believes that this material breach of human rights will disappear in the substance of the overall nature of the whole - we're told, arguably, that we're a nation at war for the very existence of our way of life.

Will the memory of our nation's military representatives forcing a young man and his father to do sex acts disappear into the universal reason?

Only if it leaves our collective consciousness anytime soon.

Americans tend to have a very short attention span. Their moral education is diluted by hundreds of thousands of images coming at them each day.

We need leaders who will not allow such a murder of America's good reputation in the hopes and wagers that Americans will forget the great harm we've done.

We need to punish those highest in the halls of U.S. government who looked the other way or worse, who presided over a policy that would have allowed such things to happen.


Larry said...

This is sickening and typical of this administration, and their morals.

Chancelucky said...

one of those odd things. I'm listening to Iris Chang's Rape of Nanking....the Japanese did similar strangely perverse things when they seized Nanking.

Ron Hudson said...

As a gay male, this news is appalling to me. As a victim of molestation at the hands of an authority figure (a school teacher), I am sickened by this. That our government would allow, look the other way or condone anything like this is beyond my ability to reconcile the "Christian" nature of this administration with its actions. Is there anyone else out there who will support impeachment of this entire administration? I do.