Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Union Leader (NH) Editors - You MUST Be Joking!

I could hardly believe that the slanted screwballs at the Union Leader in Manchester, N.H. had the guts to actually say:
Here's the truth: John Edwards is spouting populist nonsense to try to scare people into voting for him.
Here's the real truth, people. These dorks endorsed George W. Bush in 2004. Yes, the Union Leader endorsed the biggest fear-mongerer of them all (except perhaps Rudy "Everything's 9/11-Connected and You're All Gonna Die Unless I'm Elected" Giuliani].... and the Union Leader tried to scare YOU into voting for the misleading "decider" Bush who not only regularly scared the heck out of you to get you to vote for him, but the inept mule messed his war up royally (the deliberate monarchical reference has deeper meaning).

The Union Leader is just an awful and loose-talking mess of a newspaper, endorsing Pat Buchanan in '96...then Bush in '04. Who do these chuckleheads think they're kidding?

Here you go, Union Leader. Listen, watch, and weep. Part of the change we Americans all need - reagrdless of party affiliation or ideology - is to see newspaper owners and editors in our communities called out for their blatant errors in good professional judgement.

You're one of the worst, Union Leader. You may think it's maverick, but I see your blatant bias as rash irresponsibility to your readers.


Barbara said...

Al Franken made a comment in his last book about an old political saw: "you never change pants in mid-sh*t." His conclusion was people would stick with Bush if Chimpy kept people sh*tting their pants until 2008.


Well color me the Easter Bunny.