Thursday, September 13, 2007

Boehner Calls Supreme Sacrifice "Small Price"

GOP House minority leader John Boehner thinks that over 4000 deaths of American troops (not to mention the hundreds of thousands of serious physical and psychological military casualties suffered in this war) are a "small price to pay" for his partisan brand of ghost-chasing.

This is the kind of talk that Dante Zappala was telling us he's sick and tired of in my last blogpost.

I wanted to talk about the humanity of this war. My brother died in Iraq. He died looking for WMD. He died because this country capitulated to fear, because the people in power were hell bent on an ideology, because the principles of reason were tossed for negligent policy.

The General says give us time. Where others see 12 months, or 18 months, I see bodies. I see 900, 1300 dead troops. I see tens of thousands injured, wives who will see their husbands again—someday—but never know them again. A million firsts will pass without witness. A baby's first steps, a first word, a first day of school. The consequences extend beyond this generation. The consequences are right there, in my nephew's eyes, who has the unmistakable gaze of his father.