Friday, September 07, 2007

Krugman To Dems: Make Up Your Minds!

Paul Krugman breaks down the Iraq War issue regarding General Petraeus and the White House-written report he'll soon deliver:

Mr. Krugman is making these points:

No independent assessment has concluded that violence in Iraq is down.

General Petraeus has a history of making wildly overoptimistic assessments of progress in Iraq that happen to be convenient for his political masters.

Any plan that depends on the White House recognizing reality is an idle fantasy.

The lesson of the past six years is that Republicans will accuse Democrats of being unpatriotic no matter what the Democrats do.

The public hates this war and wants to see it ended. Voters are exasperated with the Democrats, not because they think Congressional leaders are too liberal, but because they don’t see Congress doing anything to stop the war.

..and Americans Against Escalation in Iraq are pressing selected leaders in a new ad campaign: