Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Right GaGa Over Obama? Yeah, RIGHT!

First it was the line, "Either you're for the Iraq war or your un-American."

When Rich Lowry tells you you just might be
un-American if you don't go starry-eyed for the newest kid on the Democratic block or if you don't feel teary-eyed somehow that the stomping of the other top-two far more experienced candidates is some kind of a cosmic reward.. well.......come on, that's just weird.

The quote:

"You're almost not an American if you don't feel stirred by what his victory would represent symbolically. Here's a guy who 50 years ago couldn't have gone in certain restrooms and motels."

- Rich Lowry of the National Review

What's a lot more strange is the way so many right-wing nastys are singing the praises of the Dem rookie with the moth-to-flame following. Howard Kurtz's most recent WaPo column is linked to a Daily Kos-website diary asking the question: If Right Wing Media Backs Obama, Who Are They Afraid to Face?

Come on, you can't blame anyone for asking!

After having blogged the wicked cynicism, sharp partisanship, and divisive rhetoric from the Kristol/Goldberg set for the last five years straight..going on six...

call me skeptical. [wink]

Note: One theory I have is that the Right is so afraid of NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg entering the '08 race that they are praying for an emerging Obama, an accomplished political chameleon, who is basically stealing the Unity message (or at least neutralizing its impact), reducing the chance of Big Bad Mike from spoiling the GOP's already-limp chances of scoring another four years in the White House.

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