Friday, March 07, 2008

Making "Monsters" of Our Leaders

Making monsters of our leaders, whether in truth or in fiction, is something of which I'd like to see much less.


A blogger at Denver's alternative newspaper Westworld [online] talks about the March 3 episode of the NBC show "The Medium" [titled "Aftertaste"] in which a former war hero who became an Arizona Senator is revealed to have been a cannibal. Three guesses as to who they were "ripping from the headlines" [to quote another popular TV show] and demonizing.


I was sad to hear that Samantha Power, a top foreign-policy adviser to the Obama campaign and someone I'd always thought [and still think] to be very intelligent, had to resign from the campaign because her emotion and impulsivity seemed to have gotten the better of her. Her loss is a most unfortunate one for the Obama campaign, in my opinion. She'd apologized after having told the Scotsman newspaper that she thought Hillary Clinton “is a monster, too — that is off the record— she is stooping to anything.” See Slate for story, where Trailhead blogger Christopher Beam says:
"...we see how Obama’s talk about a 'new kind of politics” opens him up to charges of “same old, same old.'.."