Friday, April 18, 2008

ORBIS Saves Sight Around the World

I'd love my readers to take a moment of their time to view the video below from ORBIS is a nonprofit organization fighting blindness in developing countries, where 90 percent of the blind reside. The video features ORBIS' Executive Director Geoffrey Holland who is introducing many of the fine and caring volunteer doctors and health professonals who are supporting and carrying on the work of ORBIS. This video was filmed during a visit to Myanmar (was Burma).

What particularly struck me about the nation involved was a recollection I have of having gone to a lecture given by an anthropologist named Dr. Alan Rabinowitz who'd visited the remote parts of Myanmar and had stressed the need for better medical care for children with eye problems, particularly pink-eye,a viral eye infection that could lead to vision loss that had unnecessarily killed many children because, without modern available healthcare, infection was able to spread.

ORBIS recently announced it will replace its current DC-10 Flying Eye Hospital with a DC-10 Series 30 freighter, thanks to the generosity of United Airlines with the support of FedEx Corp who've donated the airplane to the organization.

You can help

As a nonprofit, every service ORBIS provides is entirely free of charge to both host countries and patients. Obtaining sufficient financial and gift-in-kind donations from individuals, corporations and foundations is a constant need. ORBIS is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. In the time that it has taken you to read this, one more child somewhere in the world will have needlessly lost his or her sight. The scale of our challenge is enormous, so please help us by donating today.