Monday, April 21, 2008

Sheila Jackson Lee Speaks to Mecklenburg County Democrats

US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee spoke to the Mecklenburg County Democrats Convention last Saturday at East Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, NC.
(This photo and all photos by Jude Nagurney Camwell)

Harry Taylor, candidate for U.S. Congress in NC District 9, is interviewed for WGIV radio by Donna Jenkins Dawson

Note: It was announced at the convention that Mr. Taylor has been endorsed by the Progressive Democrats of America.

Bloggers Anonymoses (left photo) and Iddybud (right photo) with Harry Taylor

Jerry Meek, Chairman of the North Carolina DemocraticParty (who was recently called a "super-superdelegate" by the News/Observer) with Pastor Brenda Stevenson of the New Outreach Christian Center in Charlotte.

Note: Mr. Meek is "disappointed" on behalf of the NC Democrats that there will be no debate in North Carolina between Democratic Presidential candidates Obama and Clinton. "Barack Obama had declined to commit to the event, saying he wasn't sure it would work with his schedule." [source: Fayetteville Observer]

NC Dem Chairman Jerry Meek, Pastor Brenda Stevenson, and Charlotte political blogger David K. Beckwith


benny06 said...

Nice pics and glad you got to see Nonny.

I confess I have some disdain for Mr. Meek's decision to take JRE's name off the NC primary ballot yet he allowed Mike Gravel's to remain. And Gravel has switched parties.