Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Obama and Hillary Unity Ticket Discussed

Here's my reply to a top-rated diary at Daily Kos this morning (title: "Yes to Unity. But Let's Not Go Overboard") :

Diarist wrote:

.... a "unity ticket"...doesn't help Obama or his supporters, nor does it help Clinton and her supporters, and frankly, it does little for the party when all is said and done..."

I replied:

I couldn't agree less.

A unity ticket with these two fantastic candidates, each with solid support within their own unique camps forming coalitions for common goals, encouraging a much more solid voting bloc in November...

I just can't see anything more positive.

I came from the Edwards camp and, like the Edwardses, I have remained neutral since John Edwards suspended his campaign. I have tried to keep a clear eye on this race since then.

I love what I believe this country should (and could) be. That is my priority. Second priority for me is party. Then only after those first two priorites do I concern myself with which candidate should represent the party.

I know that Daily Kos has become strong Obama territory and, while passion about a candidate is often commendable, too much passion can cause us to forget our nation's direction and our party's unity.
We don't want to give the other side an inch this time. I want the Democratic ticket to suck every bit of oxygen out of the room so the other side suffocates.

The road to beating the Republican this time must be paved with our ability to set emotion aside and realize just how excited the Democrats of this nation are about both of these candidates.

When one nominee's chosen, we want to maintain the level of excitement we've seen throughout this primary season!

The typical citizen doesn't care about so many of these internecine quarrels and attacks. They care about changing the direction in wich the Republicans have taken this country.

I'd be all for a Unity (the astute Andrew Sullivan calls it a "fusion") ticket.

There have been some responses to my comment and I have replied to each one. I hope you'll go to the link and read on. Maybe join in?