Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rep Joseph Wilson Chooses Pride Over Responsibility

Censure Rep. Joe Wilson. Appearing on Fox News this morning, he says he refuses to publicly apologize to President Obama on the House floor. It speaks to his character. This is no statesman. His failure to take public (on the record) responsibility for his emotions is a political problem for Republicans on the Hill, whether or not Wilson believes the President has personally forgiven him.

Pride has destroyed many a man and woman. Let the public record show yet another example in the failure of Joseph Wilson to humble himself for the betterment of all of us.

In his book "The Art of Worldly Wisdom" Balthasar Gracian said that, in public speaking, "every appearance of unwisdom really is unwise." After having listened to Wilson on Fox News this morning, I have to assume Wilson hasn't read the book.

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