Thursday, November 09, 2006

Allen to Concede VA Race - Dems Will Have Sen. Majority

National Journal's Hotline blog is reporting that Sen. George Allen (R-VA) will concede his Senate race to James Webb (D) at a 3pm news conference. As a result of the 2006 election, the Democrats will have control of the Senate (by one seat) as well as the House. A senior staffer says that Allen is not emboldened to fight this. LAst night, Taegan Goddard reported that the Allen adviser said that Allen, who is trailing by more than 7000 votes, "wanted to wait until most of canvassing was completed before announcing his decision, possibly as early as Thursday evening."


William Bollinger said...

Somewhere I saw something indicating about a six percent error between the exit polls and the results. Maybe they don't want a recount because it would be a bit embarrasing to have the votes double-checked too well.

Iddybud said...

I hear you, William. Allen might have found, with a formal recount, that he'd taken it even farther up the old macaca hole than the original counts had revealed.

I'm glad you found me here at the new blog. I was just thinking of emailing you to let you know I'd moved.

William Bollinger said...

Remember the deep depression we all felt about two years ago. Things are a bit better now?

I seem to remember asking you if you would keep going with your blog back then. I asked a lot of folks that, and I'm glad to see that most did. I just hope the current sense of relief doesn't take them out now.

You do realize that the list of people that bloggers need to keep "honest" has just doubled? The same old republicans, minus a few in jail, will still be out there, but now we need to watch the Democrats too.

Our pResident used to talk about a mandate (saying "used to" felt good), but now, we need to make sure the Democrats don't make that mistake next. We didn't get a victory, we got a chance. We need to prove the right-wing wrong to really win.

Back to work...