Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bush Dumps Rummy and Shows He's Out of Touch

"I didn't know we were gonna lose so many seats - - you didn't either!"

That's the "classy" way in which George W. Bush answered a journalist's question about being so out of touch with the voters in Election 2006 that he was totally clueless about the political trouble he was in. It happened today at his press conference where he announced he was finally dumping Donald Rumsfeld. After hearing from so many retired Generals and the editorial boards of the newspapers representing every branch of the military, the only person left to beg Bush to dump Rumsfeld was probably Rumsfeld himself. No - wait - Rumsfeld offered himself up for the slaughter well over a year ago and Bush refused to take his resignation.


Barbara said...

"Im a dumbass and Rummy fucked up" Now THAT would have been a quote. The Chimp didn't KNOW they'd lose so many seats? LOL!!! Welcome to the real world!!

BTW did you see the press conference? So many cameras it sounded like a flock of birds!