Friday, December 22, 2006

John Edwards Webisode 2 - The Golden Rule

Webisode Two - The Golden Rule - has been uploaded onto YouTube and at the One America Committee. The Senator tells a story from home and talks about corporate responsibility as he travels to a rally in Pittsburgh, PA. Senator Edwards' "travelin' companion" Josh is now a video star. My favorite part is at the tail end - listen for the last comment Senator Edwards makes over his dinner tray on the plane.


two crows said...

ok -- I'm gonna make an enemy here -- but, hey somebody did it to me FIRST!

[feel free to delete this because it's decidedly off-thread---but the fact remains:
you have been tagged!]

I Got Tagged

sorry, y’all.

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torey said...

I JUST FOUND THIS! Look at who the producer is!
Before he was running for President, John Edwards made a series of short documentaries that later vanished from the internet...until now. Produced by Reille Hunter and Mimi Hockman for Midline Groove Productions.