Monday, December 18, 2006

Senator Reid is Wrong to 'Go Along'

My intuition [which has been excellent up until now] tells me that Senator Harry Reid is very wrong to say "Sure, I'll go along with" what the Bush administration is calling a "short US troop surge" in Iraq.

Intuition isn't a persuasive tool, but facts certainly are.

See this graph showing the history of the power of this insurgency.

See Ed Cone's recent blogpost.
This "course" needs to end, rather than to be fed. Every effort needs to be made to internationalize the process of helping Iraq's government to reach a political solution - especially with the consensus of the leaders of all countries in the region. Our footprint needs to disappear rather than being further entrenched in the ground of Iraq. We must stop shedding blood in the Middle East. It was the worst political mistake our nation ever could have made.


TomCat said...

Jude, you have this issue dead center. Bush has so mishandled the 'military solution' in Iraq, that it's beyond repair. If there is any solution at all, it will be diplomatic, not military. However, to achieve a diplomatic solution, Bush would have to give up grabbing control of Iraq's oil for his cronies, something he appears unwilling to do.

two crows said...

couldn't agree more, Jude--
this war, which shouldn't have been embarked on in the first place, is turnning into a black hole that just keeps sucking more light and life into itself as time goes on.
the only way forward at this point is--out.