Monday, December 25, 2006

Kristol: "It will not be a short term surge"

Neonconservative William Kristol is convinced, confident, and satisfied that President George W. Bush's decision to escalate the violence in Iraq "will not be a short term surge."

Mr. Kristol believes America can "win" if we shed the blood of a lot more innocent people in the Middle East. As if it's "cool" to go stubbornly against the wisdom of every respected and experienced diplomat, judge, sage, and concerned countryman, Mr. Kristol sounded like a cheerleader for Bush as rebellious-hero-adolescent raging against the establishment when he said this on Fox News Sunday:
"How often does a president go against -- what Juan referred to -- the wider consensus in this town, 'the military solution isn't possible?' It's a very broad consensus of the establishment and, I think, that's why there's so much anger among the establishment-types. 'Gee. The Baker-Hamilton Commission pronounced its verdict. And how dare the president make up his own mind and decide that he's not just going to just gracefully accept defeat with this nice bi-partisan patina of the Baker-Hamilton Commission. How dare he decide that we might win in Iraq."
Wake up, America. This is not intended to be a short-term surge. Your President is a neonconservative who will soon be calling on your son or daughter to serve a radical and immoral cause. Speak now or give your children up for sacrifice to a cause you do not agree with or understand.


TomCat said...

In the meantime, the death toll of our fine young men and women serving in the military has exceeded that of the 9/11 terrorist attack. George Bush has now killed more Americans than Osama bin Laden.