Thursday, December 28, 2006

RFK JR on MySpace Not At All Welcoming

I had the strangest "conversation" with a MySpace friend called "RFK Jr. 2008" today. Here's how it went.

I got a bulletin from RFK Jr 2008 saying

RFK Jr. ---

A potential CANDIDATE with INTERNATIONAL support.

The Volunteer Staff of RFK Jr. says Hello to Ireland today.

Other than Barack Obama, is there ANY OTHER POTENTIAL CANDIDATE who could TRAVEL ABROAD to any COUNTRY IN THE WORLD and be greeted with an outpouring of affection and goodwill like RFK Jr. could drum up, especially in Ireland, which is of course where Irish-Americans come from ? No, there isn't. So again, Hello to Ireland, even though you can't vote here.

Seeing what I thought was a question to which they'd expect an answer, I wrote back:

Dec 28 2006 1:29 PM

support.Hello Ireland.

"...Other than Barack Obama.."


I can think of others, but I agree the Kennedys will
also be great ambassadors for the U.S. when it comes
to Ireland.


I was actually thinking, the time I wrote the reply, of how Ireland would embrace Hillary Clinton, especially at the side of her husband Bill who had done so much to support Ireland's peace process. I wondered why only Barack Obama showed on the list of possibilities.

Look at the doozy of a reply I got:

Dec 28 2006 1:33 PM

support.Hello Ireland.

Perhaps Al Gore.
Nobody else.
Don't argue with us about it.
John Edwards campaign slogan is
stupid by the way.

"Today is Tomorrow"
"Tomorrow is Today"


The ad agency who came up with that should be fired
TODAY. No wait until tomorrow actually.

I got this kind of unwarranted attack simply because I had a photo of myself with Senator Edwards on my MySpace page. God forbid I'd had this one...

or this one.....

On top of that, whoever this MySpace caretaker is removed me from their "Friends" list so I could not even reply.

"Don't argue with us about it"?!?!

What a jerk! And I had just written about how John Edwards reminded me very much of Robert Kennedy Sr and how much I'd admired RFK Sr...and I got an unsolicited attack.

Needless to say, if the Draft RFK Jr 2008 movement continues with this kind of vicious attitude toward people showing the slightest bit of moral support, they aren't going to get very far. If anyone should be fired, it would be grassroots activist who represents their candidate by acting like a dictator, an aggressor, and a censor.


Barbara said...

OOOO RFK Jr. 2008... can't you think of anything better to respond to someone who TRIED to be nice and supportive to you? Come on, your Jr. High school friends are all on vacation too... so go out to the mall and hang out instead of insulting adults who are trying to take America in a more positive direction. Oh and tell the rest of your MySpace buddies how STOOPID Edwards is while trying to reprogram the friends list on your PDA...

Now can we get back to the real discussions?

Iddy - you rule.

TomCat said...

Considering that this happened on the Internet, do you have any idea who this person is? After all, there are nut cases on both sides of the political spectrum. Also, reading the response you got, it sounds like the musings of a bored teenager.

Iddybud said...


I really don't know.

If it's a bored teen maintaining the RFK Jr 2008 MySpace site, then RFK Jr had best nip this in the bud before his good name is ruined.

Denise said...

Interesting - Please see my blog on myspace - lots of people have been treated this way by them -

Anyone have contact info for the real RFK Jr??


Anonymous said...

I and a number of friends have been dealing with these people who run that particular site under RFKjr's name. People have been getting rude replies and deleted and blocked for no reason.
The overwhelming impression is that they have nothing to do with RFKjr or his staff. Even more so, they're likely young republicans up to the GOP's usual style of dirty tricks. Ala, Karl Rove style stuff.
So don't blame RFKjr for this. He likely doesn't have any idea they're doing this.
On Myspaced people put on facades all the time and you never know who you're dealing with.

Soul Rebel

Kay said...

After viewing the myspace profile in question, I highly doubt it is young republican moles of some kind. They look like run-of-the-mill liberal environmentalist college-age types.They act like it too. I also doubt RFK Jr is NOT aware of it. I agree with the comment above that he should distance himself from these folks quickly, whoever they are.

Angela said...

I had a similar encounter with the rude RFK., Jr. profile. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one.

Angela said...

PS. I was also deleted and blocked, although, it made me feel special.

Anonymous said...
PS We're friendly but we don't suffer fools lightly.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a friend but I subscribe to that profile's blog - all of the blogs were removed recently. Perhaps RFK Jr's people were made aware of the profile?

Anonymous said...

Iddy rules !!!

Anonymous said...

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