Friday, December 15, 2006

Rice Won't Exercise Diplomacy Where Needed

If Rice rejects overtures to Iran and Syria, I reject Rice
A poetic stream of thought about Condoleeza
and my dissatisfaction with the job she's doing

Rice refuses to talk with Iran and Syria...

Rice relinquishes the opportunity to be a diplomat
Rice abdicates her responsibility to be a stateswoman
Rice watches as fate determines her nation's course
Rice casts America's fate to unfolding events on the ground

Rice is weak while trying to appear loyal and strong
Rice, like Powell, will be diminished by history and Bush
Rice is a wise woman wasted by those whom she has chosen to serve
Rice was made to look small by Bill Nelson, and the people know it

Rice will see the result of backing away is inevitable conflict
Rice will see that being stubborn doesn't have to mean being stupid
Rice should know you can be stubborn and determined while diplomatic
Rice is not fulfilling her obligations to the people, only to a bad leader.

Rice says compensations required by deals might be too high a price
Rice doesn't mention the price paid for unnecessary wars led by fools
Rice should know - she's visited the graveyards and the military bases
Rice leads us, anyway, toward a path toward inevitable war by hiding

Rice says there's no retreat from the a push to promote democracy
Rice then refuses to take the steps to win the hearts of those in need
Rice thinks democracy will happen by magic, the lazy easy bully's way
Rice, delusional, thinks she'll get peace for Palestine by shunning Syria

Rice warns us not to expect a big change in the way this war is being run
Rice doesn't think about the big change in the hearts and minds of Americans
Rice expects the war will rage while we decide on a new path, a new President
Rice has no f**king clue what to do, her job is flying by the seat of her pants

Rice should know we don't win wars by the seat of our pants or signs from God
Rice should have handed over responsibility to Iraq's new government long ago
Rice is supporting our troops being poured into more disaster
Rice, if she's got integrity, should resign. Let another Bush pawn avoid responsibility.

Rice couldn't have imagined planes flying into buildings in 2001, and she can't imagine how to do her job now.


TomCat said...

Jude, here is something I wrote at PP on 12/8. I think it also applies to your excellent article.

In 1962 the US was faced with an enemy whose leader had promised, "We will bury you." We were poised on the brink of nuclear war. And our leader refused to talk with our enemy until after they agreed to remove the nuclear weapons from Cuba. What's wrong with that picture? Of course, it is that JFK made no such refusal. He negotiated from strength, and the Russians backed down. But consider, where would we be today, if Kennedy had adopted Bush 'my way or the highway' diplomacy and refused to talk? I suspect that not many of us would still be here, and those who were would be struggling for survival in a nuclear wasteland. Thank God Bush was not pResident then. Refusing to talk to an enemy only guarantees that the enemy will remain an enemy. Sanity requires that the US talk to Syria and Iran, find the areas on which we can agree, and use those areas to build relationships that will eventually diffuse the enmity. Bush's refusal to talk is pure madness.

Rejecting a plan to pull back US combat forces over fifteen months sounds suspiciously like 'stay the course'. Bush is alone in his belief that we are winning. His disappointment with the 'pace of success' implies that there is success. There isn't. To think that this chaos of Bush's making is success is pure madness.

Let the hearings begin! It's time for regime change!

Sun Warrior said...

Condi seems like such a 'good ol' boy.'

What is wrong with that picture?

I wouldn't put her in the same category as Powell, though. She has been a 'company man,' all along. Whereas Powell knew better, and should have acted with some backbone and resigned, instead of tarnishing his integrity.

two crows said...

since Rice is doing the opposite of what she would do if she had integrity -- I guess that says she has no integrity.

I know that I have yet to see any integrity on her part. or honesty. or backbone. or intelligence.

it is unconscionable to fritter away her position and her possibility for influence as she has.
great blog, btw--
I'd like to link to it -- with your permission?

Iddybud said...

Of course, two crows. By the way, I see so many great new bloggers out there. I plan to link some of you soon.