Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tom Delay Blogs With Hate for Democrats

This corrupt creature has started to blog with the promise to censor out "undesirables" [aka Democrats]. It's what he would have loved to have done as House majority leader - and I'm convinced he would have - if he thought that he could have gotten away with it. I'm so glad he's gone from a position where he had any power over any of our representatives. He's been the prototype for the kind of poison that has ruined the reputation of the once-popular and trusted Republican party - and likely will for many years yet to come. I pity whoever he decides to link to because the ones he "appreciates" says a lot, by the sheer connection, about the kinds of ideas with which this corrupt creature agrees.

I suppose none of us should be surprised that Delay connects himself with groupthink and divisive rightwing blogtalk. He's "lived it" for years as he destroyed civility and statesmanship in the House and actively sought to gerrymander Texas to the point that, on the map, the voting districts look like silly string on a psychedelic acid trip.

According to Raw Story, the corrupt creature Tom Delay is blogging about President Jimmy Carter, bashing Mr. Carter for pointing out and writing about the Palestinian plight, of which the inability to reach a peace agreement has nearly everyone in the world agreeing upon at least one thing - it is the root cause of all strife in the Middle Eastern region today. President Carter could hardly give a care to criticisms from puny little creatures like Delay. I can see that President Carter's become immune to such nonsense, and I am glad.

Delay isn't alone in that uneasy feeling when President Carter cuts through the bullshit and right to the chase on the crisis. I'm not sure what Delay finds so novel about the idea. It's like an alternative universe in the halls of the People's official business in Washington D.C. Crooks can go on doing whatever they want in the name of the American people while the slightest mention of Israel in a realistic light gets every House Rep and Senator's pair of shorts in an uproar.

I'm out here listening to the experienced, wise, compassionate, and just former President Jimmy Carter - and I'm reading his books on the Middle East with an open mind - all the while experiencing something between amazement and disgust whenever a political leader sprints faster than the winds of Hurricane Katrina to separate their political selves from President Carter's beliefs. I ask myself how many miles any of these House Reps and Senators have walked in the shoes of a Palestinian compared to the amount of time post-President Carter has spent in those same shoes? In short, there's no comparison and I put a very great value on the wisdom that comes from age, experience, and a set of values that very closely match my own. If there's any route to take us to greater American national security today, that route will need to traverse Jerusalem where peace, even with 2000 years of a painful history, must be found if any of us plan to live in peace.

As of 2007, the Palestinians will have wandered the desert without a home for forty years. Decent people deplore every death of each innocent person - regardless of national origin - if they are unbiased. Decent people want to see a resolution after years of meaningless death and destruction if they possess unbiased souls. Trouble is, our nation's leaders have a bias that no one dare mention - and that bias is making them appear soulless. The tighter they hold onto this bias, the less chance for the political will to see a real and peaceful resolution which now not only involves Isreal's security interests, but our own.

Someone needs to be honest, and soon. I've never seen our nation, in all of its history, in such an embarrassing and shameful spot.

He says he was "thinking of Jesus" when this photo was snapped.
God will forgive him, but we won't.
Like Lyle Lovett sang,
that's the difference between God and me.

I'm very glad that I'm not the kind of blogger that corrupt little citizen Tom Delay wants responding to his divisive tripe, even though, in a large sense, I have responded right here at my own blog. A large part of being American is respecting and welcoming all viewpoints. Little Tom can come here anytime he likes. That's the difference between me and him, and I think it says something about the writer's trust and confidence in the decency and moral consistency of his or her own beliefs when he or she welcomes all - respectfully - to join in the conversation.


See this "snapshot" of Delay's first attempt to allow comments. The blogger who captured it calls it "A tribute to the 75-minute period where tom delay actually received feedback from America. The experiment has now ended, but, this blog has taken a snap-shot, just for you..."

Look at this Keith Olbermann video - Tom Delay had admitted he's not even the blogger on his own blog. He's also admitted that he's not quite literate enough to trust his own writing style. This kind of deception is typical of the corrupt kind of creature this man, Tom Delay, is. I wonder who his ghost writer is?


Barbara said...

O.K.... I don't agree with Carter's stand on Palestine either - BUT Delay's blog is a puke fest supreme.

Undesirable element? That's the story of my life... me & all the other undesirables!!

Jude Nagurney Camwell said...

From a fellow "undesirable", I wouldn't even begin to plumb the depths of Carter's decades of peace brokering for America here on this thread. I've been reading up on President Carter's post-presidency activities extensively - up to the finest details. He is an amazing man and it's because of people like him that the world has not exploded into a war of outright hatred (as you see happening today). Look at what you've got today - an administration that says they're "pro-Israel" but has hurt not only Israel, but the United States by f**king up on the misguided and unjust war in Iraq and ignoring the "road map" and any other attempts for a solution. I support the state of Israel and their national security interests, and I also understand that my nation is sovereign and I expect her to act as such. When a policy in Israel jeapordizes my own nation's interests, it does no goood for US leaders to hide behind a "pro-Israel" slogan and do absolutely nothing to back it up except to covertly back failed wars in places like Lebanon while giving the UN the shaft and voting for stupid and meaningless Resolutions in Congress to please a political lobbyist group.

President Carter and James Baker supported one another during the Bush 41 years and my hope is that in our future, we'll find new bipartisan alliances with some substance instead of empty talk from Republicans and Democrats alike. I'm sick of the bias and empty talk, frankly. It's given the extreme right wing license to claim that if you, as an American citizen, don't comply with every last policy of another nation with whom we are allied, that you are anti-Semite. That's bullshit, bullshit, bullshit - a sick lie. If someone says they're "pro-Israel" - I don't simply believe them. I wait to hear what they plan to do to help the people of Israel find a real, values-based, lasting resolution that makes room for respect for all human rights regardless of race, politics, or religion.

Israel's best friends in America will offer critcism when it is due and when it is needed without turning from her because she is an ally. If AIPAC wants to "cool" toward real friends who'll work their asses off to help broker a solution for settlement and lasting peace, they'll get more George W. Bushes for Israel. With "friends" like him, who needs enemies, already?

Diplomacy must return. We must talk to all nations, even if it must be behind the scenes. We can't just cherry-pick a few who agree with us. Carter talked to the knowingly untrustworthy Arafat while holding down the vomit that was surely coming up toward the top of his neck. But you have to do it - if you are a serious world leader you must get tough in frank talks with the best of leaders and the bottom of the barrel. Otherwise, you are nothing more than Bush 43 and you do not serve America's best interests or that of her ally Israel.

Iddybud said...

Question: Would-be peacemakers are being given a hard time - how are we ever going to achieve any form of peace in a place that strives to keep peacemakers' eyes (and the world's eyes) off what is truly happening? This is not a good sign.

Iddybud said...

From Informed Comment:

Mark Danner writing for NYRB reviews the sad story of how it all went wrong in Iraq. He is very clear on the unresolved question of how the Iraqi army got dissolved and deep debaathification was pursued. Then secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld denied having made the decision. Danner thinks it came from Paul Wolfowitz or Douglas Feith, the number 2 and 3 men at the Department of Defense at that time. Given the tight links between Feith and the Israeli Likud Party and the Israeli military, one has to wonder whether the Israeli Right had input into these fateful decisions, which have the lives of nearly 3000 GIs and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. The role of the American Enterprise Institute and the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, both of them Neocon Central, would also bear looking into. Certainly, the decisions were not in the interest of the United States.

Barbara said...

"You can't make peace as long as you perpetuate mythology"


And I agree, the Bush administration has hurt Israel and the Middle East, but Carter's off base, IMHO.

Iddybud said...

I've been meaning to complete a post on Stein's dismissal of Carter's premise. These two men have a long history of both cooperation and conflict. As we reach this point in our nation's path toward crucial decisions that must be made on the Middle East,I have to get on board with the captain that I think will steer us all away from the rocks and toward an open and smoothe sea. My closely-held philosophies about helping the people of Israel to be safer and more secure rest with only the best diplomats now. I believe there is greater strength that lies with those who would use their heads rather than losse, wide-cutting swords to search for a fitting settlement. I've seen what neoconservatism has brought to our nation and to the world. I've been reading up on the realtionship between these men. Watch for my post in the near future.

Anonymous said...

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