Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Breaking Snooze: Bush Doesn't Like Earmarks

Bush gave a statement today in D.C. All ears were open -was he going to talk about whar the heck he's going to do about Iraq? No chance. He's worried about the need to reform federal entitlement programs that he says are bankrupting our nation. He doesn't mention how many billions of our dollars have been poured into the unnecessary and failing war he and his administration lied us into and are trying to score another $100 billion for. He doesn't like earmarks. Wow. What a charismatic leader.


JollyRoger said...

Par for the course.

We all know that the fastest growing "earmark" in the Federal budget is for interest on the debt he ran up so he could transfer wealth to his peers. I don't hear a damn thing from El Shrubbo about what do do about THAT earmark, which is sure to explode in size.

Heckuva job, Chimpy. You bankrupted in 8 years what other idiots couldn't manage to spend into oblivion in 212 years.

Daniel said...

According to Citizen's for Government Waste's 2006 Congressional Pig Book, earmarks totaled $29 Billion dollars and funded 9,963 projects across the country.

Dividing the earmark total for 2006, by the $8 billion a month being spent on Iraq, and we find that cutting all 9963 projects could fund our occupation for 3 months, 18 days, 18 hours.

Now that's a waste. See more examples of how time in Iraq could be better spent at

TomCat said...

Bush wants a line-item veto. I favor a line-item veto, effective January, 2009.

Iddybud said...


I think that your timeline proposal for the LIV is impeccably savvy. ;)

Lydia Cornell said...


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for mentioning my blog in the One America Committee.

Yes, the insanity of Bush worrying about earmarks rather than Iraq in INSANE. He actually wrote an op-ed piece yesterday in a newspaper.

I really think John Edwards is the hope for America.

Happy New Year Jude!

Lydia Cornell said...

And God Bless you.

Larry said...

The only earmark Bush wants is how many billions he and his oil buddies can rape from the coffins of Iraq and Iran before he leaves office.

Barbara said...

what tomcat said!!

how can someone who can't conjugate a verb let alone read DEAL with a line-item veto, anyway?

Barbara said...

>>He actually wrote an op-ed piece yesterday in a newspaper. <<

I saw that... but as well all know - Bush didn't write that - he has Flying Monkeys do that for him ;)