Monday, January 01, 2007

Edwards: If We Want Change, Let's Begin Change Now

Thanks to Taegan Goddard at Political Wire, I got to see a segment from MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews interviewing Senator John Edwards on December 29th that I'd missed. In case you didn't see it:

Edwards also criticized Bush’s recent press conference in which the president encouraged Americans to “go shopping more.”

"What planet is he living on?” Edwards asked. “I have absolutely no idea. I mean this is the man that’s in charge of this war in Iraq. You know, after September 11th we had an extraordinary moment of unity and a proud feeling of patriotism. I had it myself. All of us had it. And it was a great opportunity for us to tap into the will of the American people to do great things together, not just for themselves, but for America.”


Larry said...

I was at a labor function 3 weeks ago and John Edwards spoke then had dinner with those in attendance.

He is a very down to earth guy and in spite of the fact he originally supported the war, he has my vote.

Iddybud said...

There was a recent discussion on Daily Kos about that IWR vote. Senator Edwards made it crystal clear over a year ago that he recognized the mistake that he and other Senators made in giving this particular President any leeway whatsoever. As far as I was concerned back in 2002, I didn't care for Bush at all. I didn't trust him as far as you could throw him. Honestly, though, I never expected he would amount to such a poor, deliberately misleading leader and as bitter a failure as he actually turned out to be. I'd bet that most American citizens are with me when I say that I expected more - even out of George W. Bush and his administration.

My worry now is that Americans have spoken loudly in the last election, and this President is showing no indication that he'll honor their many voices singing as one: 'This war wasn't worth the cost. Bring the troops home.'

This begs the question - what do we do now?

Write your representatives - be fast and furious!

Consider joining the march of protest on January 27th.

More than 70% of the American public is opposed to this war, but it doesn't matter to this President. You voted in November -- but your vote apparently didn't register. This time, vote with your feet, vote with your airfare, vote with your bus ticket. Vote with your presence in the streets of Washington DC on Saturday, January, 27th.

The stakes have never been higher.


Barbara said...

Gotta love "what planet is he living on" comment. SOOOOO True!! Bush is absofrigginlutely OBLIVIOUS to everyone and everything around him but him & his cronies' agenda.

We do need to start now. Petitions aren't going to do it - pressuring our new congresspeople and other representatives to start leaning on Dubya - HARD.

Good place to start is Here with oodles of good info to include in your emails here. If we can reply to a blog post - we can certainly send an email.

BTW - Iddy rules supreme. :)

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