Saturday, February 17, 2007

Edwards Supports Blogosphere on CNN

2008 presidential candidate John Edwards appeared on CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer and talked about the Iraq war. His comprehensive proposal to enact a plan that will bring an end to the war can be read here.

At the 5-minute mark, Wolf Blitzer asks Senator Edwards about the "blogger saga" - the non-scandal the right-wing has tried so hard to malleate into a bullet to be shot to the heart Edwards campaign. If you listen to Senator Edwards speak supportively of and impressively about the blogosphere and its strong role in the future of American politics, you'll see that the right-wing missed whatever target they had in mind.

You may wish to see a discussion that I generated at if you wish to see my take on the whole deal. (Several people have asked me about this.)

Senator Edwards also has made a recent statement on trade negotiations with South Korea.

Benny has the latest news from the Edwards campaign.

'The House' at Daily Kos really liked what Senator Edwards had to say (and how he said it) on Bill Maher's show last night. 'The House' says:
Listening to John Edwards makes me feel good about paying attention to politics.


Larry said...

Edwards was also on HBO'S Real Time with Bill Mayer Friday night.

Mayer asked several questions and then said you are the only politician who tells the truth.

Sounds like Mayer is a supporter.

Jude Nagurney Camwell said...

I missed it myself....I'll have to try to catch a repeat sometime this week if I can.

Have a great weekend! I'll be away from my computer until Monday - taking a trip 'down South' (and hoping
I-81 is reopened in Pennsylvania as it's been closed since Thursday because of that whopper of a storm!) I've got to get out of the deep freeze here in Upstate New York! brrrrrrrrr.....

Larry said...

Have fun and enjoy the sun.

Spring has to get here eventually.

GreenSmile said...

Thanks Jude, I needed to here from you on seemed to be holding back when in fact I know you have a lot to say about all the parties involved.

BTW. This affair is what led me to register on Edwards' blogging tools so I can just go see for myself.

Jude Nagurney Camwell said...


I'm sorry it took me a while. It was painful all around for me, as a blogger, to see bright and fellow bloggers (whose wit was sharp and cutting as knives) being given unsettling treatment by the so-called "decency sqad" with willing cooperation by elite meainstream media...the 'old school' Cokies, the 'I'm rich as long as I'm writing like a 90s boho Conservative' David Brooks, and the 'stuffed shirt-watch me use big words' George Wills.

I know it could be me, you or any of us they're raking over their coals. As long as this goes on, I cannot fathom a future for bloggers where presidential politics and the blogging community can effectively cooperate and communicate ideas unless it's waaaaaaay under the radar. If our ideas are important, they deserve more than underground treatment (where they wind up being stolen, anyhow, by those who make big money off of our brilliance). Where the Right wing would love to keep these sterile and unrealistic propriety codes in place when it comes to campaigns, as if freedom was a sterile and always-perfectly-civil thing to achieve and maintain, they haven't learned much from their support of a war where freedom for Iraqis is obviously just the opposite. A campaign is connected with war, and make no mistake, a presidential campaign is a war of its own kind. This time, the Right wing blogosphere have been trying to win their war by making a concentrated joint effort to smear us with witch hunt after witch hunt. The first candidate that succeeds in keeping netroots support and taking away the undue power of those initiating and perpetuating these McCarthy-era-like witch hunts will be the most worthy leader for the future, because I believe (and hope that they truly believe) the internet is just the tip of the iceberg known as the second superpower. So far, and in the end, I still formly believe that candidate is John Edwards.

Bill O'Reilly and William Donohue may try, but they'll never stop the never-ending rollout of the nature of human progress and science, and our nature - the spirit of the liberal blogosphere - will never be silenced!

GreenSmile said...

Jude, check this out. Edwards is conspicuous and avid in his use of netroots.

GreenSmile said...

Jude, I figured it was a particular pain for your favorite candidate to make a contoversial staffing choice not all of us would have advised. But its like you say. People who hate in the name of religion harm just about every body and see offense in could have happened to many bloggers who, like Amanda, would be thrilled to work on Edwards campaign. I thought your restraint was exemplary of how a person of tolerant faith would handle the misteps of and among her friends.

BTW, Brandzel hiring on from MoveOn means he brings a remote connection to a right wing smear campaign distinct from those with which Donahue tarnishes Christianity. That campaign had been directed against MoveOn. I won't say more as I have blogged about it a while back. But I am watching to see if a new dog pack is summoned up to hound Edwards' staff.

Jude Nagurney Camwell said...

According to Matt Ortega at the Personal Democracy Forum, Ben is Edwards' Director of Online Engagement.

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