Wednesday, February 14, 2007

WSJ Poll and Al Gore Rumors

Raw Story is reporting that, in the field of 2008 POTUS candidates, Sen. Barack Obama is quickly closing the gap in a Wall Street Journal poll of a wide sampling potential voters with his fellow 'media-darling' candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Clinton 45%
Obama 37%
Edwards 28%
Gore 26%

The poll should direct us to the fact that John Edwards, although he's rarely showcased in the media compared to the "rock star" treatment received by Sens. Clinton and Obama, has snagged a greater percentage of Independent voters, out of the total percentage of poll-votes received, than either Clinton or Obama.

What this poll also shows us is that among all Democratic candidates, the Edwards campaign is making impressive strides, off the media's radar, to reach the hearts and minds of American voters. The media tends to give lip service to the candidates with the most cash. If cash were actually "speech", the mainstream media would be considered to be objective truth-tellers. Unfortunately for all of us, we know that that is not true.

The mainstream worships at the Temple of Cash, and they report accordingly. As long as campaigns are run outside the scope of public financing, we will not have an honest media. What happens over the course of this upcoming presidential campaign season will be interesting but as long as we have a campaign finance system stacked for dishonesty, funded by lavish private interests, I will place my personal trust with the everyday citizens of this nation and I will continue to listen to and trust their voices over the select interests that fuel today's mainstream media. I have supported Sen. Edwards because he is the candidate who most clearly shows and articulates that he listens - and listens well - to the everyday citizen even though he has been forced, for the sake of competitive interest, to forego public financing.

In light of what I've just said, a major surprise in this poll is the public's obvious admiration for General Colin Powell. Gen. Powell is rarely discussed by the media, yet he was chosen at the top of the list of potential Republican candidates for President 2008.

The New York Observer's Steve Kornacki is reporting that, according to the latest rumors, former VP Al Gore will consider entering the race for the Democratic nomination in September "if an opening presents itself." Kornacki writing leads us to see that Gore would wish to be a Clinton alternative. One reason Gore stated that he might not choose to enter the race was that, if Obama or Edwards make gains against Clinton, he may not want to further crowd the fray.

In a press conference this morning, President Bush forewarned the press corps that he will not become a "pundit-in-chief on the 2008 Presidential race.


Richard said...

FYI - you can get free access to the Wall Street Journal with a Netpass from:

This was blogged about all week and thought it was a great tip!

Larry said...

I still think Edwards is the sleeper that will surprise everyone in the end.

His main obstacle will be funds.

Barbara said...

Keep your eye on this guy. He's got an impressive resume:

GreenSmile said...

I wish it weren't so but I found TPM and myDD agreeing as they read the tea leaves on Al: he won't run.
Sad thing by me 'cause Gore has shown more brains and leadership of the altruistic variety than Bush could even understand.

The proximity of "Bush" and "pundit" in the same paragraph is funny. The lame self parody on Faux News with Limbaugh and Coulter isn't as funny as what any of us would be tempted to write if that cowardly aphasic was ever asked for some deep unscripted thoughts on politics...or probably anything.

Anonymous said...

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