Monday, February 26, 2007

Etheridge and Gore Soar at Oscars!

Congratulations to Melissa Etheridge for receiving the Oscar award for her song from "An Iconvenient Truth" titled "I Need To Wake Up." A video of the song can be seen here.

Congratulations to Al Gore for "An Inconvenient Truth's" Oscar for Best Documentary. You can see the video of his "formal announcement" here

I was very happy to see Alan Arkin, one of my all-time favorites, get the Best Supporting Actor award and to have heard his gracious award acceptance speech.
"Acting for me has always been and always will be a team sport. I cannot work at all unless I feel a spirit of unity around me." - Alan Arkin, who won best supporting actor for "Little Miss Sunshine."
One of the funniest lines I heard all night was during the pre-Oscar show on ABC when Access Hollywood's annoying Chris Connelly asked Steve Carell about what it was like filming "Little Miss Sunshine" and Carell went on in his imitable way about Kinnear's smelly sweat problem and how it made the hot van a tad uncomfortable at times.


Chancelucky said...

I always remember finding the In Laws, which had no right to be funny at all, incredibly funny I guess because of Alan Arkin's deadpan reactions to Peter Falk. Little Miss Sunshine was similar for me in that it didn't seem like it should work, but it did. I'm glad Alan Arkin got honored.

I also thought Inconvenient Truth was very well done. I hope this will lead more people to see it and take its message seriously.

Larry said...

Glad to see Gore get some attention on something the right refuses to acknowledge.