Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Camwell Doctrine

My Exit Plan:
Congress should limit funding levels to force
redeployment from Iraq

Sent via Democracy For America today.

It's high time for Congress to to attack the funding levels for the Iraq war surge. This week, U.S. intelligence chief Admiral Mike McConnell pointed to the February 2006 bombing of the Golden Mosque as the place in time when everything changed, and was more than likely a point of no return in the Iraq civil war - unless the current surge is successful by miraculous circumstance. And no one other than BushCheneyCo actually believes it will be. We are well past the turning point - the point that revealed utter faiure of the Bush foreign poicy in Iraq.

There is every good and clear reason for our elected representatives to repeal the President's 2002 authority and to cut funding for any request that would make this surge easy for a dangerous executive administration that is virtually promising to ignore the will of Congress on the matter regardless of what foreign policy disaster they try to avert.

An Iraq that is likely to emerge, at long last, through the crusher of the bitter civil war that is now and will be for a long time hence, will owe its final level of stability to a regional need for security and stability. It will never be due to some "gift of liberty" given by God or Bush. Iraq's new democracy, as it is desired by those who live there, will emerge because Bush will have FINALLY left it alone, and not because of his efforts at playing puppetmaster to the entire region.

Kirkuk is about to explode.

The time for Congress to act decisively is now.

Jude Nagurney Camwell

* In other words, Congress - get off your meek, mild horses and do what you're responsible for doing. The nation is watching you for moral leadership and acts of good conscience. No more games.


Larry said...

The Democratically controlled Congress love the position of power, but it hasn't the backbone to use it.

Barbara said...

count ME in on that doctrine!