Sunday, April 22, 2007

Clinton Global Initiative Has Mid-Year Meeting

Hillary Clinton says that her husband Bill would be a roaming ambassador to the world if she happens to be elected as President. A completely new and different First Lady role? Not really, for First Ladies have alweays been good ambassadors... but you have to admit, a former President as First Lady is something totally new and filled with unique possibilities. The public interest in having a former president in the traditional First Lady role all depends on who that former President was. I mean - consider Laura Bush running for President and her husband being a roaming ambassador to the world. Dear Lord, wouldn't that be the pits?

Bill Clinton was busy this week with his Global Initiative mid-year meeting, where some of the powerful stories from among hundreds of CGI commitments that are making a difference around the world were highlighted.

This is an underplayed story that I believe is very important because alleviating global poverty and fostering positive people-to-people relationships across religious and cultural lines is key to not only the purely humanistic benefits, but to our own national security in the age of fourth-generation warfare and genocide.

Please take a moment and read these featured stories:

Ubuntu: From Vulnerability to Commitment

Proctor and Gamble: Bringing Clean Water to Africa

Different Faiths, Common Beliefs: The InterACTION Youth Exchange - In January of this year, 15 Americans, including Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus, traveled to Amman, Jordan to live and work with 17 young Jordanians for eight days. While in Amman the group fostered strong relationships and understanding while traveling, having interfaith dialogues and sharing customs.

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benny06 said...

I guess it never hurts to play up assets when Presidential candidates are campaigning. But it bothers me that Senator Clinton is banking on winning because of her spouse's coat tails, instead of her own ability to lead--and as the first woman to do so.

Larry said...

Hillary can drag her husband into everything she does, but it will not sway my vote from John Edewards.