Saturday, April 21, 2007

MoDo Thinks We're Too Shallow to Care?

Good Lord. Zell Miller's red-haired highbrow hussy from New York City is at Satan's work again.

Excerpts from Running With Scissors, Maureen Dowd, NY Times April 21:

We haven’t reached the point where we can handle a green-tea-soy-latte-drinking, self-tanning-sea-salt-mango-body-wrapping, Norah-Jones-listening, yoga-toning chief executive.

[..]Americans have revered such homely leaders as Abe Lincoln. They seem open to balding pates like Rudy’s and flattops like Jon Tester’s. They don’t want self-confidence to look like self-love.

John Edwards has reminded us that even — or especially — in the age of appearances, you must not appear to care too much about appearances.

When you spend more on a couple of haircuts than Burundi’s per capita G.D.P. , it looks so vain it makes Paul Wolfowitz’s ablutions spitting on his comb look like rugged individualism.

Hmmmmm...let's see..

Do I prefer the (supposedly) low maintenance "he-man" who gives in to every greedy lobbyist and neocon comb-spitter like Wolfowitz (who got his honey-pie a sweet, fat raise when he got to the World Bank), seeks to drown America's social safety net in the bathtub, secures tax breaks and contracts for his rich friends, applies the English language like a third grader, destroys international trust, ignores the neediest in society, blows the New Orleans Katrina rescue and recovery, starts an unnecessary war by lying, and then perpetuates it with gross incompetence, harbors those who are closest to him - such as his Attorney General - who are as incapable as the day is long of doing what would be considered even CLOSE to an apolitical, fair, and independent job?

Or the higher-maintenance man who acknowledges that immigrants want to come to our wonderful country because people like him can come from nowhere … and now be running for president of the United States and paying $400 for a haircut [and looking pretty darn good if I must say so myself]?

I'd love to tell MoDo and the Drudge machine that it's no news bulletin that John Edwards earned every cent he ever made honestly. It's no news bulletin, as Elizabeth Edwards has said, that children in Robbins read in a nice children's library room, that high school students in Raleigh and Goldsboro do their research in nice computer labs, that Raleigh Parks and Rec centers have computer labs for residents, that the homeless in the Triangle [NC] have assistance with their shelters and Habitat for Humanity has assistance in building them homes -- among other things -- because John Edwards did not just spend what he earned on himself.

MoDo thinks we're too shallow to care about what really matters. After the past six years, I'd have to say I'm not buying it.

All I can say is that she must be joking. (And, let's face it - she can be awfully funny, although I am slightly disturbed to know that she is promoting mistrust of a candidate on a gender basis - not exactly your progressive comic! Does she still think we watch "Leave It To Beaver")?

Maybe Dowd will cut John Edwards some slack when he bows to her pressure and does THIS:

I won't hold my breath that either will happen - MoDo's claws will not be retracted just as sure as John Edwards will not pull out the Flowbee.

How much does it matter if someone like the badly-coifed John MCain shunned facials or that he only had 50 cent haircuts when he so strongly supports the Surge that is dragging our troops down further and further into the civil war between Iraqis?

How much does it matter, as a personal choice, that John Edwards gets an expensive haircut when you put his character up against the badly-coifed Rudy Giuliani, who left his wife and family for a new love while the Edwardses have stood by one another through thick and thin - sickness and health?

Let's talk about the choices that matter.

** This message has been brought to you by a blogger who may well be the Queen of the Cheap Haircuts. I can't help but wonder what the 'highbrow hussy' pays for the red tresses of hers [that Zell Miller loved so much] while she takes us for retro hicks who hate good haircuts more than we detest incompetency, greed, corruption, disloyalty, and lies.


BruceMcF said...

Oh, that's telling them!

I and my $10 haircut approve your message.

Larry said...

They blasted Clinton because he had a haircut at the airport on a plane, and it didn't stop him from being a much better President than any Bush.

The critics need to look at the boils infesting the motives of those "Republican" leaders, and forget a haircut.

Barbara said...

I usually like Maureen but once again - that Neocon Kool-Aid appears to have reached her coffee cup.

Always interesting when they can't think of anything but to criticize a guy's haircut. Sheesh! There's real issues going on today... like Paris Hilton! (lol)