Monday, April 16, 2007

Nation: Globalization Hasn't Been in U.S. National Interest

A Wake-Up Call:

Rubinomics may have looked great during the Bill Clinton era, but the cracks are showing and it will take a big business type with Wall street "cred" to convince the mainstream that globalization has taken us to a place where we did not imagine we would be when we began the experiment. Corporations that are born to eat anything that gets in their way have no patriotic streak that could overcome their chartered promise to survive.

William Greider writes in the Nation about Ralph Gomory, author of Global Trade and Conflicting National Interests. Mr. Gomory is emerging as an unlikely dissident who is proposing a new way to understand, and reform the world economy.

CEOs of American corporations won't be particularly happy with the plan, but then again, was our government meant to pledge allegiance to the kind of business that runs strictly against the overall national interest?

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