Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stand Warned - Giuliani Dumber Than Bush

When he spoke in Syracuse, I heard the New Yorker's Sy Hersh say that he believed our nation's foreign policy was hijacked by a handful of neoconseratives at the beginning of this century. This cult of misguided ideologues has gotten us into an unnecessary war and still holds sway with our President. If there's one undeniable truth, it's that the consequence of this cult-hijacking of U.S. foreign policy is the death of the public's assumption of good faith in Bush's leadership.

This brings us to the puzzling and - yes - shocking news being delivered in a well-informed yet delightfully snarky way by Josh Marshall of TPM.


Larry said...

He is not only dumber Bush but he is more corrupt and more of a war profiteer.

Barbara said...

I am shocked at Guiliani and COMPLETELY disgusted. The Nation should talk to some NYers about how ENRAGED we are about this man co-opting the 9/11 disaster as if he was our Savior.

He screwed up so much of NYC for his ego & media spin. What makes ANYONE think he will change if he's president.

He's drunk the Kool-Aid. Run Screamin!