Monday, October 22, 2007


The apartments where this cat strayed were torn down this summer. I would look for him each time I visited the Morningside apartments in Charlotte. I am haunted....not knowing what became of him. I wish someone would see this very photo of him, by some wild chance, and tell me he's okay...that he has a home.


Ron Hudson said...

It is amazing to see this photo. Years ago, I was adopted by a beautiful gray cat with yellow eyes like this one. I kept him for 3 years until I allowed my fear of disease (it was the mid-1980s and I had just found out my status) to get the best of me. I gave him away to a co-worker who reported that he ran away immediately. I have felt badly ever since that I betrayed him, but I suspect he just found a new person to adopt. He certainly was able to make his own way in the world and frequently supplemented his diet with wild things from the woods.

Your photo gave me a nostalgic chill. Thanks for the post.

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Sherry said...

Check out the blog here:

The lady who was helping place all the cats is named there. Good luck on your quest!