Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Edwards Democrats

I am reminded why I have so strongly supported John Edwards in the 2008 Presidential campaign by what I hear and see in this video. Even though Senator Edwards has suspended his campaign, I am so proud to have been a part of this movement, created by ordinary citizens not much different than myself, that today gives us a new name. Today we are Edwards Democrats because of the man (and his wife) who have inspired us to action. We look to this moment and the next...and not the time that is now behind us, to be the change we seek for our party and for America. Who we choose to endorse (or not) will be up to us and will depend upon who is speaking to our issues, especially ending Poverty, both in America and around the world. When John Edwards, for whatever reason, decided to step away from campaigning, he had our respect and our unspoken commitment to carry out his vision for our country and the world.

It's the vision I see Bono carrying out.
It's the vision I see former President Jimmy Carter carrying out.
It's the vision I see Oxfam carrying out.
It's the vision I see the ONE campaign carrying out.
It's the vision I see the Clinton Global Initiative carrying out.
It's the vision I see Muhammad Yunus, Trickle Up, and Kiva carrying out.

John and Elizabeth will continue to pursue the same vision because they believe not only that it's the morally correct thing to do, but that it's the only way our country will be seen as strong, just, and proud again.

When the insanity of the horse-race is over, I hope you'll join us. Poverty will still be an issue when every last vote has been (hopefully) counted this November.

BuzzFlash Awards Wings of Justice to John Edwards (Benny's World)


benny06 said...

On Tuesday morning, I put on a turtleneck, jeans, a jacket, and wore a poverty band I bought from the One campaign that read, "Make Poverty History". I had bought 4 bands. I gave one to John Edwards which he wore for weeks in 2006 as Director of the Center for Poverty, Work, and Opportunity for weeks on end; a month later I gave a similar one to Elizabeth Edwards.

Thanks for the shout out in the spirit of John and Elizabeth Edwards. I hear via grapevine there are some folks who will be talking with him about how to further the cause of ending poverty via other avenues through some gatherings in their home in the weeks to come.

I miss the "we" meaning all of us and true empathy we need from a future First Couple.