Monday, February 04, 2008

White? Better Not Vote Clinton - or Else...!

Yes, the headline above looks pretty stupid to me when I look at it.
Yet, there are some bloggers who would either actually believe - or seek to have fellow Democrats believe that, if you happen to be Caucasian and choose to vote for Hillary Clinton in your Democratic primary, your vote will only be "counted as a race-based anti-black vote".

Is that how far we've worry so much about an MSM-manufactured narrative of racism and the decidedly mentally-ill attitudes they're projecting every day....that we, as intellectual beings, would allow it to seep into our conscience at its (lowest common-denominator) fear-base?

I'm sure you can gather just how offensive this idea is to me. I'll surely be glad when this process is over and I hope it doesn't divide us Democrats to the point of doing damage. We're going to need each other in the general election.

Or we could sit on our hands and call each other racists or fools after-the-fact and let a Republican win once again.

This is a cry - - a cry for some sanity among us and respect for one another's respective choices during a very spirited contest.

Tom Watson has some thoughts about this.