Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kristen Breitweiser on Swing State Math

Kristen Breitweiser has a new column up at The Huffington Post about the reality of the swing-state math in the Democratic primaries and caucuses and how it will (and will not) apply to the general election.

An excerpt:

What does this all mean?

For starters it means that on Election Day 08 it doesn't matter a hill of beans that Barack Obama beat the pants off Hillary Clinton in places like Idaho. Idaho hasn't figured into Democratic numbers/analysis for years. So cool your jets with the whole Obama momentum bit.

Likewise it doesn't matter that Obama may have better national poll numbers against McCain. National numbers don't mean squat on Election Day.

Fifteen states, folks. That's all that matters. Those 15 states should be our sole focus TODAY. Because if we want the Democrats in the White House in 08 then we need to support the Democratic Candidates who run best in the crucial swing states. And that means we need to support BOTH Hillary and Barack until we have a more definitive answer. Period. End of Story.

Like it or not, the hard, undeniable, and very real numbers speak for themselves. Neither candidate can (as of yet) win the vital swing states alone which is why both Obama and Clinton need each other on Election Day 08.

Democrats it is time for us to grow up, smarten up, and rise up above ourselves and our differences (however big or small they may be) because we've got a WH to win back.

Once again, I reiterate: UNITY TICKET 08

Amen, Kristen. Pearls of wisdom from a woman who, most sadly, cannot celebrate Valentines day with her husband Ronald except in spirit, for she lost him on September 11th, 2001.