Thursday, February 14, 2008

On Valentines Day

Photo credit: Vanity Fair

My Valentines Day post this year is a tribute to the love between John and Elizabeth Edwards and the strength and inspiration they've projected as a team. They've been a guiding light to me for the last few years because of their firm and constant dedication to family, country, and progress - especially in their hard work to see an end to persistent poverty in this country and in our world.

I also send out a special Valentines' Day greeting to and Bobbie and Wallace Edwards, John's mother and father, who raised him to be the caring man he is today and have steadfastly supported each of his causes and efforts. It's a blessing to have loving parents standing by your side and showing that they believe in in you.

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MrWondrous said...

A beautiful post for and from beautiful people. I had never seen that amazing Vanity Fare pic. How lovely!