Saturday, March 29, 2008

John and Elizabeth Edwards Speak Publicly on Hillary, Obama

As far as credibility is concerned, if I have to choose between an anonymous Democratic strategist and getting my information straight from the horse's mouth, I'll pick the direct information every time. So the choice occurred today, with the first choice being a New York Magazine article boasting so-called 'insider' information from a strategist the writer can't even name regarding Elizabeth Edwards' opinions about the two remaining Democrats in the primary race ... and the second choice, regarding that which Mrs. Edwards said herself in public when she was asked a question about the two candidates' healthcare policies.

UPDATE APRIL 2: Elizabeth Edwards says the NY Mag info is FALSE.

John McCain supporter Lee Aase reports this bit of information after having heard Mrs. Edwards speak at the Health Journalism 2008 conference:
In response to a question, Mrs. Edwards said she supports Sen. Clinton's [healthcare] plan because it is closest to her husband's plan. She views it as significantly better than Sen. Obama's.
Elizabeth's husband John Edwards just gave a public speech at the Young Democrats of North Carolina convention. This was his first public speech since dropping his White House bid two months ago. He praised both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but declined to endorse either candidate. The AP reports the following quote:
"I have a very high opinion of both of them. We would be blessed as a nation to have either one of them as president."
For all the impatience and complaints I've heard about his silence, it sounds like he's already endorsing either of them .. or both of them .. doesn't it?


Len said...

My sources tell me that John doesn't like Barack and Elizabeth doesn't like Hillary, so for the sake of marital harmony he has decided not to endorse either.

Sounds about as good as any of the other theories floating around.

Jude Nagurney Camwell said...

Well, if what I've come to know about the Edwardses is true, and I have no doubt it is, then as far as politics is concerned, I don't think marital harmony is ever at risk in the Edwardses' life partnership.

I think, when you're looking at the Edwardses, you're looking at two fine and mature statespeople....not two petty dislikers. That's my opinion. I've long trusted that they're doing what they think is appropriate for the party as well as the country. This primary hadn't changed my base opinion whatsoever. These are NOT petty people.