Saturday, March 29, 2008

Unquestioning Patriotism Comes in All Colors

Rice Hails Obama Race Speech as "Important" For U.S.

I think the very best, most inspirational, and most visionary leaders for this day and age should speak loudly about how we're all in this experiment together instead of beating on the many divisions that cause fear and raise old envy and create diversions from the pressing issues that we all have in common.

When we're talking about people who've trusted and "loved" their government, I'm really not sure that we're looking at our past or future in a healthy frame. Intelligent patriotism takes some healthy doubt and some very hard questioning. Most of us have learned, over time, that we cannot "love" a government... because law is not love. It's only we individual human beings who can love ourselves enough to respect and to care about our neighbors. We are a government of people, but the law by which we agree by consensus to abide is not now and had never been a compact of love. Love doesn't come in one color or one creed, and it surely isn't guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. Love's our own individual responsibility.

Good faith in government can only be created when we stop dividing ourselves up by color and ethnicity.

Stop it!

For the love of God and the good of America, please, all political leaders, stop this!