Thursday, July 10, 2008

Community Organic Gardens Help Homeless

There's an interesting show on Mike Collins' Charlotte Talks/WFAE/90.7FM this morning on community-based organic gardening around the nation and bringing rainwater-harvesting systems to community gardens.

If you missed it, a link to an archived recording of the show is HERE. From the WFAE website:

A conversation about organic gardening, creative watering and local food. We'll be joined by Don Boekelheide of the Urban Ministry Center. The center has received a grant to install a cistern to help water the organic vegetable garden there. We'll talk about how that will aid in producing more local food and the many ways this garden helps the homeless, who also work the garden. Other experts join the panel to discuss general organic gardening tips.

Dan Boekelheide - Director, Urban Ministry Center Garden
Pam Ruch - Editor, Organic Gardening Magazine

What is organic gardening?

"If I were a dictator determined to control the national press, 'Organic Gardening' would be the first publication I'd squash, because it's the most subversive. I believe that organic gardeners are in the forefront of a serious effort to save the world by changing man's orientation to it, to move away from the collective, centrist, superindustrial state, toward a simpler, realer one-to-one relationship with the earth itself."

- from "The Whole Earth Catalog", 1969

Read a few pages about organic gardening from Michael Pollan's "The Omnivore's Dilemma"

This post is dedicated to Ithaca's Ecovillage, who got a very honorable mention in the most recent edition of "Outside" magazine.
Magazine lauds Ithaca's reinvention/Area judged on its rich culture, natural beauty By Laura Brandt, Special to The Ithaca Journal July 9, 2008