Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kucinich to Raise Bush Impeachment Again

Kucinich Bringing Back Impeachment This Week - Capitol BriefingSource: blog.washingtonpost

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich has written:

"This Thursday evening I will bring a privileged resolution to the House with a single Article of Impeachment of President Bush for taking our nation and our troops to war based on lies. We owe it to our troops who even at this hour stand as sentinels of America because they love this country and will give their lives for it. What are we willing to do to match their valor and the valor of their successors? Are we at least willing to defend the Constitution from the comfort and security of our Washington, DC offices?"

Raw Story has an article here.
And more here (Updated information)

The idea of impeaching President George W.Bush, as I know I don't have to tell too many of you, is a reasonable idea to which the mainstream, by design, has a nasty kind of allergy. Although many progressives see the reason behind it, most unfortunately (and always to my dismay), there are many who think they have to have the same "impeachment allergy" that pollutes the commerce-owing mainstream.....although when it was about Bill Clinton's sex life, the allergy was soothed by the medicine that ratings and dollars bring in with stories about sex. Sending troops wantonly into harm's way with lies and deliberate misleadings isn't sexy enough for the mainstream. Besides...much of the mainstream media fell for and into those lies and misleadings.

Our election-minded representatives won't act until citizens guide them..nearly force them to do so. The question is, will they? I believe that Dennis Kucinich has a truly great heart and, I'd imagine, a pretty clear conscience. There aren't enough great hearts and clear consciences in D.C. The mainstream media isn't in the business of guiding your conscience. They report the news that will fit the most profitable business model.

Think about that.
What will you do?


MrWondrous said...

Not good for America to let egregious violators of the constitution go scot-free. Wouldn't be prudent. Sets a bad president, er, precendent.

Jolly Roger said...

With the CONgress of "Nanny" Pelosi and "Stepnfetchit" Reid in charge, Chimpy has very little to worry about. Dennis can submit as many articles as he wants, because punishing the moronic monkey is "off the table."