Sunday, October 26, 2008

Disinvited Blogger Thinks She Was Right 4 Yrs Ago

Four years ago the LA Times suggested that I may have been disinvited [credentials revoked] from blogging the 2004 Democratic convention because of this statement, borne of my own intuition about the nature of al Qaeda:

"Bush is al-Qaeda’s choice for American President."
Jude Nagurney Camwell writing on Iddybud (

The newspaper had prefaced this with the following statement:

[..] the Democrats won’t release a list of whom they’ve accredited – or de-accredited – it’s hard to draw definitive conclusions. But we’ve pulled some excerpts from the blogs of both those who say they have credentials and those who say their credentials were yanked. See if you can tell which are which.

A hint: You can go with your gut most – but not all – of the time.

The LA Times asked people to "go with their gut" .. while insinuating that I - in going with my gut - got me disinvited from the Democratic convention.

In today's New York Times, Nicholas Kristof is talking about the fact that John McCain is al Qaeda's choice for President.
Go figure.

It turns out that my intuition was pretty darn good, even though the LA Times believed that my own party saw me as an over-the-topper at the time.

I don't like revisiting the years when the Democratic center allowed itself to be cowed by the GOP-promoted fear of looking anti-American. It did none of us any good to hide our feelings about the actions and policies of the President with the lowest public popularity ratings ever seen and [arguably] the poorest performance record for Presidents in U.S. history.