Friday, November 06, 2009

Boehner and GOP lead Teabaggers as hypocrites

Currently down 81 seats in the House and 20 seats in the Senate, Republicans represent a minority of Americans in Congress. However, they continue to contend that they stand with mainstream America in opposing the Democrats' "tax and spend" agenda, including health care reform. [Real Clear Politics]

Under our U.S. system, political legitimacy is now and has always MEANT to come from democratic elections.

Teabaggers are being led by high-powered elected leaders in the halls of Congress aiming to destroy the very system that got them where THEY are. What hypocrites! They ask citizens to ignore the will of the People, hoping to wipe clean the memory of the political capital legitimately due to the People who elected and who support the President and a Congress that is willing to work toward common goals.

You may dismiss John Boehner as crazy (or stupid) - but don't be fooled. Here is a House Minority Leader INCITING a revolution that is destructive to the legitimacy of the system that facilitates our good faith laws.

Teabaggers don't want their leaders to act in good faith toward the common goals of citizens. They express a will to KILL common goals. It means more to them for a progressive-friendly President to fail than to actually find ways to save our economy and increase the safety net for millions of American citizens who live paycheck to paycheck praying no one in their family gets seriously ill because they know the costs to cover health care for such an illness will economically finish them off.

Boehner and his ilk see gain in the next electoral cycle as paramount to working for the People. MSM, infected with a curse of "moderate bias" - are not tackling the story to help us see things as they are. The GOP is willfully going rogue. It's hurting our country terribly at a time when we face years of fighting economic disaster due to the ideology of the Far Right who sought to drown (and nearly have succeeded in drowning) our government - yours and mine - in the bathtub of their own politics and self-interest. Hypocrisy often comes from a desire to hide from others actual motives or feelings. Boehner and his right wing Company in Congress are not hiding their completely party-biased motives very well while willfully rebelling in complete denial about the People's right to expect their political will to be carried out by those they elect. I can just imagine what the people in Boehner's home district who voted for Obama last Fall must be thinking of the orange-faced hypocrite right now.


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