Tuesday, November 03, 2009

For Healthier Democracy: I Hope the Polls are Wrong in NY District 23

NYT political reporter Adam Nagourney is reporting that "Most polls suggest Democrats will lose the upstate New York House race." I hope the voters of NY Dist 23 will elect Bill Owens today. He's much closer, in his platform of ideas, to what they'd embraced when they supported Dede Scozzafava. To me, it seems to go against all small-d democratic principles to have strangers from almost anywhere EXCEPT your voting district to come in and sway the local party to throw out the candidate preferred by people in their own community and replace her with an extremist man who, the last I checked, was supported by 5% local contributions and 95% outside-district money. In the end, it's not up to me or anyone outside the district. The voters of Dist 23 will be the ones to say whether or not they believe it was all right with them to have their process shattered by outsiders. If they do defeat Owens, I fear for the future of healthy democracy in ANY of our districts.
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